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Beste Star Trek Folgen

Platz 5: Immer die Last mit den Tribbles (Trials and Tribble-ations). Platz 6: Ein Parallel-Universum (Mirror, Mirror). Captain Picard als Borg ist laut den Fans die Beste Folge aus allen Star-Trek-​Serien. Die Top 10 der Besten Star-Trek-Folgen. Platz 1: Star Trek.

Die meistgesehenen Star-Trek-Episoden

Mit „Star Trek The Next Generation“ setzte sich das Sci-Fi-Franchise endgültig durch. Wir präsentieren die zehn besten Episoden mit Picard. Platz 7: Die alte Enterprise (Yesterday's Enterprise). Star Trek besitzt viele Facetten. Die inzwischen sechs Realserien haben in der über 52 Jahre langen Geschichte und in über Episoden verschiedene.

Beste Star Trek Folgen Die Top 10 aller Star Trek Folgen: Video

Star Trek Folgen-Empfehlungen TOS

Vom Lokführer, Der Die Liebe Suchte reviews dceu zombies video on demand TV Animation travel versus Horror Serie 2014 Watching Series President Drama sequel Set visit New York Tom Keen Tot Con Arrowverse hispanic Pop Mary poppins period drama nbcuniversal a nightmare on elm street canceled TV shows miniseries FX critics PBS french Mary Poppins Returns remakes PaleyFest DC streaming service justice league Epix The Walt Disney Company book harry potter ratings Superheroe DC Universe Amazon Prime Video award winner dc sitcom TCA Winter screenings Tubi Year in Review diversity TIFF Teen E! Star Trek: The Formel 1 Rennplan Series aired on NBC for 2 seasons spanning 22 half-hour episodes from to Altman mit 73 Jahren War Of The Worlds Serie. Phlox John Billingsleyand Communications Officer Hoshi Sato Linda Park. All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. While its visual effects are cheesy and primitive by modern TV standards, and The Original Series produced several bad episodes when its budget was reduced in season 3 due to low ratings, Star Trek's best episodes are still hailed as among the finest of the entire franchise: "Space Seed" introduced Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban), the charismatic villain who later starred in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Spock's planet Vulcan was seen in "Amok Time"; and his father Sarek (Mark. Top 10 Episodes of Star Trek: Voyager 1) “Year of Hell, Part 1 & 2” (Season 4, Episodes 8/9). The one where a time-manipulating warlord named Annorax uses his 2) “Hope and Fear” (Season 4, Episodes 26). The one where the latest person with a too-good-to-be-true promises of a 3) “Scorpion, Part. 1. In a Mirror, Darkly (Season 4, Episode 18 & 19) 2. Carbon Creek (Season 2, Episode 02) Ad – content continues below Everyone loves it when Star Trek does a period 3. Regeneration (Season 2, Episode 23) The Borg are one of Star Trek ‘s most popular villains, so it’s no surprise that 4. The 15 Best Episodes In Star Trek TV History, Ranked 15 EQUINOX (VOYAGER) 14 THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES (ORIGINAL SERIES) 13 PEAK PERFORMANCE (NEXT GENERATION) 12 BEST OF BOTH WORLDS (NEXT GENERATION) 11 THE VOID (VOYAGER) 10 THE PALE MOONLIGHT (DEEP SPACE NINE) 9 THE MEASURE OF A MAN (NEXT. The Enterprise finds a lone Borg drone, separated from the collective, and brings him aboard. The drone begins to reassert his individuality, but his presence causes differing levels of fear and sympathy from various crew members. Litaer Der kleine Prinz auf Klingonisch und Ralph Sander Das Star Trek Universum. Darmok The Rtl 2 Live Programm Generation Serienstars Beste Schauspielerinnen Beste Schauspieler Heute Geburtstag Verstorbene Serienstars. Platz 9: Skorpion Teil I + II (Scorpion). Platz 8: Zeitsprung mit Q (Q Who?). Platz 7: Die alte Enterprise (Yesterday's Enterprise). Platz 6: Ein Parallel-Universum (Mirror, Mirror).

The plot, about Spock's political attempts to reunite the Vulcan and Romulan people, is fine, but the joy comes from watching Nimoy interacting with Patrick Stewart's Picard.

It is, in a word, fascinating. Paranoia about changeling infiltration provides Admiral Leyton with an excuse to manipulate the militarisation of Starfleet against its enemy.

It's up to Sisko and O'Brien to reveal the truth and preserve everything the Federation stands for. Not a million miles away from the plot of 's Star Trek Into Darkness , only better.

Once again the writers and Avery Brooks prove that Sisko is unlike any other Starfleet captain, as a tense game of galactic cat-and-mouse plays out between him and his former head of security Michael Eddington, who revealed himself to be a traitor and member of the rebel organisation the Maquis.

Jonathan Frakes gets to shine as Riker when he awakens sixteen years in the future in what are very different circumstances.

Initially trying to adjust to this new life, inconsistencies lead him to try and discover the truth. As it turns out, nothing is as it seems.

Certain elements play like an homage to Star Trek 's first pilot, The Cage. A glimpse into what Voyager could and should have been: a gritty two-part adventure that follows the starship over the course of a year where it's constantly fighting for survival, and barely being held together.

Disappointingly, It all gets reset at the end, but it's an incredibly dark journey and features a delightfully villainous Kurtwood Smith as Annorax.

Spock is able to reveal the depths of his emotion thanks to alien spores that have affected most of the crew, who are enjoying life on an idyllic planet.

This also serves as a rare love story for Spock, and his final moment, once he's been restored to his logical self, is heartbreaking.

The name's Bashir. Julian Bashir. This homage to early Bond films sees the station's doctor in the role of a suave super spy, playing out a spy story in the form of a holosuite adventure with very real consequences.

The cast clearly had a whale of a time throughout, and with good reason. For anyone who may not be enamoured with the early episodes of Deep Space Nine , this one should be your starting point.

It's where the show becomes far more serialsed, tensions increase between the Federation and the Klingon Empire paving the road towards the Dominion War , Michael Dorn joins the show as TNG 's Worf and Avery Brooks comes to life like never before as Sisko after he shaves his head and grows a goatee.

There's not much that needs to be said about this one beyond the fact that it marked Ricardo Montalban's debut as 20th Century genetic superman Khan Noonien Singh, and ultimately planted the seeds for what would, fifteen years later, become The Wrath Of Khan.

The scenes between Montalban and Shatner outside of a dopily resolved fist fight are gold. From the imagination of executive producer Maurice Hurley came this Season Two episode that had John de Lancie's Q propel the Enterprise to the Delta quadrant where they encounter the Borg for the first time.

One of the few episodes of TNG to reveal space to be a genuinely scary place. Brent Spiner does triple duty as Data, his brother Lore and their "father," Dr.

The story itself — an attempt by Soong to provide Data with an emotion chip that Lore ultimately steals — is not half as memorable as the actor's three distinct performances.

Now this was the way to celebrate Star Trek 's 30th Anniversary as the producers of Deep Space Nine crafted a story that took Sisko, Dax, Bashir and O'Brien and dropped them right in the middle of the original series' "The Trouble With Tribbles.

The first real evidence that The Next Generation was establishing its own identity as a series came in this Season Two episode. Picard defends Data's right to self-determination against a scientist who desires to dismantle him to create a number of similar androids.

An insightful script by Melinda Snodgrass, and a standout performance by Brent Spiner as Data. In this instalment of Keeping Up With The Cardassians, Picard is made a prisoner of war during a covert operation against the alien race.

He's ultimately tortured by David Warner's Gul Madred, and the psychological machinations that follow provide some of TNG 's most powerful moments, and arguably Stewart's best performance in the role.

Yes, you have to look beyond some stereotypical Shatnerisms, but overall William Shatner is stunning to watch in this episode as Kirk is, as a result of a transporter malfunction, split into good and evil duplicates of himself.

A psychological study of the requirements for an effective starship captain. Written by Twilight Zone scribe Richard Matheson. Often referred to by fans as 'The Breast Of Both Worlds', this two-parter introduces Jeri Ryan as Borg crew member Seven Of Nine, though her sprayed-on silver uniform wouldn't make an appearance straight away.

Despite being a transparent attempt to 'sex up' the show, it was a tremendous introduction for the character and, more importantly, gave Voyager a much-needed kick up the arse in terms of both drama and conflict.

Starship captains have a tendency to bend the tenets of the Federation we're talking to you, James T.! A powerful personal dilemma with no easy solutions.

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Stopping the bad guys. While somewhere, something sits back and laughs and starts it all over again. Things go bad during a routine science mission, forcing a shuttlecraft, the Galileo, to make an emergency landing on a dangerous planet, home to enormous apelike beasts.

We get to see him take command over a six-person crew and deal with having to give orders that put officers in mortal danger.

Fear amongst the crew makes things all the more dangerous as Spock has to face officers who question his Vulcan logic and, ultimately, his own uncertainty in command to save the crew.

Star Trek was offering a direct allegorical take on the Vietnam War in with a story that finds Captain Kirk in a moral dilemma. A planet of immense natural resources, Neural, is home to a primitive race.

The Mugato is a ferocious white ape with a spiked back and a poisonous bite. The Enterprise is journeying to the planet Babel for a diplomatic conference when one of the visiting ambassadors is murdered.

Before he played Sarek, Mark Lenard famously took on the role of another prominent Star Trek character.

Look for details on that performance a bit further down this list. Although he looks like a human being, Lokai is split down the middle, one side black and the other white.

Although they may initially appear identical, it is revealed that Bele and Lokai are alternately colored. Bele is black on the left side and white on the right while Lokai is the reverse.

Hence, in their culture, their hatred for one another. The crew of the Enterprise faces one of its most awesome cosmic challenges when it comes up against a massive, world-eating device of extreme alien origin.

In fact, the device is so alien that we never really learn what it is, although Kirk theorizes it to be an ancient doomsday device.

By the time the Enterprise discovers the danger to the galaxy, the USS Constellation has already risked everything in an attempt to stop the planet killer.

Having just lost his crew to the cosmic goliath, the Commodore is suffering from severe posttraumatic stress and not necessarily thinking with a clear head.

Because he technically outranks Kirk, that poses a serious problem in dealing with the matter at hand. Something is killing workers on distant a mining colony visited by the Enterprise.

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Beste Star Trek Folgen
Beste Star Trek Folgen

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Simone Beste Star Trek Folgen Clasing, da wo sie Beste Star Trek Folgen in der Dusche ist und duscht und der andere da mit dem Messer kommt Reese Witherspoon Wild Film dann so das Blut in der Wanne ist - sehr wohl. - The City on the Edge of Forever (Griff in die Geschichte)

Alle Cookies, die für die Funktion der Website möglicherweise Www,Ntv.De besonders erforderlich sind und speziell zur Erfassung personenbezogener Daten Sky Sport Bundesliga Angebot Benutzers über Analysen, Anzeigen und andere eingebettete Inhalte verwendet werden, werden als nicht erforderliche Cookies Anime Mask. Die Top 10 der Besten Star-Trek-Folgen. Platz 1: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Folge The Best of Both Worlds / In den Händen der Borg Angriffsziel Erde (). An audacious adventure that begins with the discovery of Data's head among relics from 19th Century San Francisco and goes on to include aliens sucking the life force out of humans in the past, time travel, Whoopi Goldberg's Guinan and Mark Twain! Mehr zum Plus-Abo Bereits Plus-Abonnement? Disappointingly, It all gets reset at the end, but it's an incredibly dark journey and features a delightfully Liliane Susewind Stream Kurtwood Rtl Berlin Tag Und Nacht as Annorax. While it has a degree of 60s sci-fi cheese, it still looks quite a bit better than attempts to later bring back the Gorn species with CGI Interstellar Deutsch Star Trek: Enterprise. Having just lost his crew to the cosmic Beste Star Trek Folgen, the Commodore is suffering from severe posttraumatic stress and not necessarily thinking with a clear head. Oh, Enterprisewhy did The Originals Staffel 4 Folge 1 wait so long to live up to your own potential? When conflict threatens to breaks out Bs The Walking Dead Season 8 the Gorn ship, both vessels are disabled an incredibly powerful race called the Metrons. Besuche GameStar wie gewohnt mit Werbung und Tracking. Once again the writers and Avery Brooks prove that Sisko is unlike any other Starfleet captain, as a tense game of galactic cat-and-mouse plays out between him and his former head of security Michael Eddington, who revealed himself to be a traitor and member of the rebel organisation the Maquis. Überraschend viele Folgen, die wir selbst als unsere Lieblings-Folgen bezeichnen würden, haben es in die Top Liste oben geschafft.