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Gerald Pollack Wasser

Sehen Sie hier das ausführliche Interview des renommierten Wasser-Experten Dr. Gerald Pollack, auf der Internationalen Wasserkonferenz. Pollack ist Professor an der University of Washington. Gegenwärtig ist er die führende Autorität auf dem Gebiet der Wasserstrukturierung. Er hat jahrelang die​. Dr. Gerald Pollack über Wasser.

Videos Prof. Dr. Gerald Pollack über Wasser

Wasser – ein Stoff mit ungeahntem Potenzial Dieses Sachbuch beschreibt erstmals im deutschen Sprachraum eine bisher unbekannte Qualität unseres. Gerald H. Pollack ist Professor für Bioengineering und hat in seinem Labor in Seattle (USA) zahlreiche Experimente mit Wasser durchgeführt. Dabei entdeckte​. Das Team um Gerald Pollack entdeckte einen vierten Aggregatzustand des. Wassers: Neben fest, flüssig und gasförmig konnten die Forscher einen vierten.

Gerald Pollack Wasser GERALD POLLACK Video

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Gerald Pollack Wasser Pollack, confirms it in a preliminary way. Vortexing -- A vortex occurs Schlangenmensch in nature, as in streams, rivers, waterfalls, etc. The Fourth Phase of Dynamo Magic, Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor.
Gerald Pollack Wasser
Gerald Pollack Wasser 22/05/ · Dr. Gerald Pollack is a top researcher & developer of EZ water. Watch Joe’s interview on the surprising molecular science of water here. If you’re more advanced in this area, I recommend listening to the video on X speed (click on the link to youtube and . Gerald H. Pollack Wasser – viel mehr als H2O Bahnbrechende Entdeckung: Das bisher unbekannte Potenzial unseres Lebenselements VAK Verlags GmbH Kirchzarten bei Freiburg. Aggregatszustand von Wasser Prof. Ph. D. Gerald H. Pollack, Ausbildung Electrical Engineering im Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (B.S.E.E.), Ausbildung in Biomedical Engineering an der University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.). Pollack konnte durch seine Forschungen zeigen, dass ein Verständnis des EZ-Wassers völlig neue Perspektiven auf die Abläufe Devolo Powerline Blinkt Rot lebenden Zellen eröffnet. Warum ist die Hydratation so wichtig? Weitere Informationen zu Prof.
Gerald Pollack Wasser

DGEIM-Symposium in Lindau, Dear colleague or friend, Many claims exist for the health benefits of certain waters. Such claims frequently evoke skepticism because the people who make them often have financial interests in the waters they produce or endorse.

We simply do not know whether those waters can really promote health and reverse pathologies. These studies have the potential to open an entirely new pathway for advancing and sustaining life — through water.

It wrongly got discredited. Clear evidence that water has information content. But no one really understands this area. Glass blocks information transfer between separated water.

Plants synchronize, but not when a glass is between the plants. This is because it blocks UV. I use some copper utensils.

He suspects that this makes them feel better. Why is there inertia? Why does the earth spin- where does the energy come from?

How come clouds hold water? How does water information relate to EZ? Water can store information from DNA.

Why you should donate…. Firstly, it may increase blood flow which helps transport products that help combat infections including oxygen.

Secondly, it may increase lymphatic flow, which is the highway for your immune system. Thirdly, the negative charge in your body is directly antimicrobial….

What that means is the higher the EZ, the higher the ORP. Unfortunately, this is extremely inaccessible for most people.

Another good source is water from deep sources, such as deep spring water. There is no credible scientific evidence for these claims.

Pollack says. There is no credible evidence that organs have, or require, an electrical charge for proper functioning.

Promoters of all kinds of water scams commonly compare their products with these "healing" waters. Some of the fibs they feed us are classic Lorenzen-lore: This method recreates the condition of the cell's water structure to be as it was when we were first born!

Research has shown that the lack of this specific form of water is responsible for cellular aging. THE Water bunk Yes, it's not just any water, but The Water , an elixir that will transform your tap water into "purified, magnetically-charged water enhanced with a charge polarized linear structure.

Among its other [literally] incredible attributes: Our proprietary process increases the speed of the water molecule to inflate cells by instantly lining up the hydrogen molecules in a chain, plus to minus, in order to permit rapid entry into all cells Memory purity using magnetic induction- Both through known and proprietary technologies we liberate the information domains within the purified water matrix, initial research shows the possibility of removing disease and anti-biotic markers in water.

Molecule angle opening by using known technologies, now applied to water. In addition we can rearrange the hydroxyl ratio within the water depending upon the original untreated waters needs.

Hexagon hucksters An outfit flogging a kind of "hexagonal water" is purportedly living water which resonates with the energetic vibrations of your body The most magical of these filters is packed with bioceramic beads which emit Far Infrared Rays Chemists will find especially hilarious their claim that The lower the NMR reading, the smaller the clusters.

Looney tunes Another bunch of hucksters elevate crackpot chemistry to new heights, invoking a kind of mysticism based on the far-right end of the periodic table: We succeeded in adding the energy signatures of Argon, Krypton and Xenon to the formula I had always wondered what consciousness is all about: mystery solved!

Yes, folks, this water is rechargeable! True to its name, this outfit offers a CD containing healing alpha theta frequencies [that] you can use..

In case your CACA loses its fizz! DNA in a flash By far the weirdest of the SAW sites is this one. Flanagan's hydride-ion shenanigans Instead of selling a water that is simply "clustered", several vendors offer nostrums based on "microclustered" particles of silica containing magnesium and potassium, rendered by "nanotechnology" into subcolloidal size.

Catalytic Willie Yet another product "Catalyst-altered water.. One sales site extolls the many benefits of this elixir: increased absorption and utilization of minerals and increased elimination of toxins Un-RealWater These jokers falsely claim that ordinary water is "positively charged" and contains free radicals absurd , and that their "Real Water E 2 Technology" adds electrons to water impossible which improves cellular hydration by breaking up water clusters nonsense.

Essence of Nonsense A newcomer to the crowded cluster quackery scene, this product is presently early represented on the Web primarily by stock-promotion sites that point to the loosely-regulated OTC Bulletin Board.

As if this were not enough, they say that the company plans to expand their line to include one that " Functional fiction " Functional" waters and beverages are described in a long, tedious screed from a dealer in all kinds of water-weirdness.

It appears to combine some of the old CellCore cluster silliness with various other qualities: Water which has been exposed to and contains naturally occuring electromagnetic effects Colloidal characteristics of dissolved or suspended materials which possess strongly charged surface chargeristics e.

Zeta Potential Low surface tension Exceptionally strong bonding of naturally occurring gases oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.

The presence of vortexial water movements which assist in bonding gasses, colloidals and electromagnetic effects to the source water; and Unique "hexagonal clustering" characteristics which can be measured using conventional, accepted scientific instrumentation such as NMR.

The presence of specific ionic materials which serve to "make" or "break" beneficially structured water clusters. Needless to say, none of this is to be believed!

Grander water weirdness Most of the structure-altered water hucksters peddle "concentrates" that you add to your drinking water in order to "cluster" or "uncluster" it depending on which fable you prefer to believe.

Grander water treatment involves a field effect generated by highly structured water "information water" developed by Johann Grander Grander products have been beset with some legal challenges : According to this New Zealand Government Web page , a NZ court has fined a local dealer of "Grander Living Water Units" for making false claims resembling some of those quoted above.

Magnetic mumbo-jumbo Some Australian purveyors of wondrous waters until recently spun a tale of homeopathic hype to convince you that drinking ordinary water is downright dangerous: No matter how well filtered or pure the water may appear to be, even after triple stage reverse osmosis or distillation, its electro-magnetic structure will retain the 'information' or frequency of every contaminant and electro-magnetic field it has been in contact with.

All unfounded made-in-Japan nonsense, of course, but they continue piling it higher: [Our filter] is the only filter available on the market that is able to naturally restructure your water and strip it, like re-formatting a computer disc, of all the previous information.

Incredible water machine This is a distillation device with a difference: instead of shrinking the molecules as some of the hucksters profiled on this page claim to do, this WunderStill enlarges them: [Our] water molecule is LARGER with the same molecular weight as an ordinary water molecule and since the electrons kill viruses, they are using the water for proprietary medical applications.

The company offers the following outright lies: Since OUR WATER'S MOLECULES are LARGER as any lab will confirm , they HOLD MORE ELECTRONS Talya Water tattle-tails "Through an electrically generated field of energy and a science known only to quantum physicists, the zero-point of magnetic energy waves interact with water and calibrate the atomic structure of passing H20, thus restoring bonding angles of Hydrogen and Oxygen to optimized structuring.

Zaney and Zanier It's not entirely clear whether this guy belongs to the clusters-are-good or clusters-are-bad school.

A page at a now-defunct site said Physicist and water researcher Loren Zanier spent years studying legitimate healing waters around the world and found that the one denominator common to ALL of these waters is a high degree of structuring.

Using this water structuring technology in combination with his expertise in Resonant Field Theory Ideally Structured Water tells us that Loren Zanier is one of the world's leading water researchers [who] spent decades studying naturally occurring "healing" waters.

Cellular hydration is a big thing at this site, and they offer up the usual bunk: Research indicates that in liquid state, water molecules tend to cluster together into larger molecular structures they do not exist simply as independent H2O molecules.

T", he observed Dramatically Improved Cellular Hydration of Red Blood Cells, Improved Delivery of Nutrients to Red Blood Cells, Improved Detoxification Capabilities of the Body, Improved Viability of Neutrophils and Basophils White Blood Cells , Lower Stress on the Kidneys and Liver, Enhanced Enzyme Activity [ link ] Well, Mr.

Dursi must have quite a remarkable microscope to see all of that! Computer-clustered water Our top rating for the dumbest water clustering scam of all goes to this one.

But there is more: You can even rejuvenate your own DNA within minutes by replenishing the [CACA] within your own body!!

This will add a "constitutional" hedge against disease and premature death. You can take and transmit energy imprints from virtually anything and send it anywhere and to anyone.

For example, if you wish to extract the energy from an herb, vitamin, or essential oil, and use it locally or remotely for healing, [our product] makes this easy.

Furthermore, if a person is exposed to anthrax, by programming the MIRACLE 6 to prevent infection or boost immunity, "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

You're protected. For example, Just about everything about this thankfully-disappeared Hydro Enterprises ' Plasma-Activated Water sounds dubious: It is supposed to have been discovered accidentally by a couple of expatriate Russian scientists who claim that the water they had been using to cool a radio-frequency-activated plasma discharge seemed to have marvelous health and restorative effects.

Likely story! What would motivate scientists to do anything as dumb as drink the cooling water from their research equipment?

As someone who spent several years working with water-cooled gas discharges, the thought certainly never occurred to me!

And how could these guys, with no credentials in physiology or medicine, discover its miraculous health benefits so quickly?

The treatment method exposes the water to a combination of DC and radio-frequency sources that ionize a mixture of noble gas elements, causing them to emit light very much like in a neon sign.

Pure unadulterated bunk! There is no way any of this could bring about any permanent change in water - any more than heating it in a microwave oven or shining light on it.

Clusters contained in tap water are destroyed and water becomes very active. Number of molecules in the cluster is decreasing from to There is no evidence for this and no reason to believe it.

The idea is to make the water more absorbable, but we know that this is bunk. Changes the pH, either raising or lowering it without adding anything to the water.

See the Ionized Water Bunk site for more on this. PAW reduces hardness by precipitating carbonates but elsewhere they say that it helps dissolve mineral substances There is no way the PAW process as they describe it could bring this about, and they offer no evidence to support these claims.

PAW contains less chlorine and harmful elements such as mercury, etc. Don't believe it! One wonders where any such substances magically disappear to?

But having already violated one law of physics, why not go for conservation of matter as well? On an effusive Web page , Danet dishes out the usual absurd hype designed to draw in the suckers: PAW is monomolecular - There are no clusters - It has a "huge negative charge" and is a "solution to Wrold Problems" with "unimaginable benefits".

Water Wand weirdness The WaterSecretsRevealed site is typical of those that appeal to science-ignorant seekers of new-age wisdom, and which flog some of the most goofy products imaginable.

It acts like a tuning fork for water. Revitalized Bio-Bunk For all you people who believe that ordinary "purified water destroys the immune system and slows down the metabolism", this special "Bio-Active water" may be just the thing!

Ultimate Water nonsense Another purveyor of goofy vortex technology , Ultimate Water flogs a "Utopic Structured Water Unit" "Fluidmachine" employs Specially tuned geometry [that] creates an energy environment for water to structure itself.

Clusters with chi to the constipation crowd Here's a " Chi Energy Water " that is marketed to those who are under the delusion that "detoxification" is the key to health.

In addition to the usual baseless claims such as "High dissolving power of energy water binds to the waste toxins in our body and flushes them out through urination, perspiration, and others", these hucksters offer to the real suckers an "Energy Tumbler" that purports to magically transform ordinary water into "energy water".

Anyway, having dazzled us with his command of chemistry, the doctor shares his medical expertise: The water we drink penetrates into the cell of our body through cell membrane.

Lest you doubt any of this, consider that: Metal goes rust in water, but metal does not go rust in our body. According to another page at this site, it will: Improve the regeneration of cells But this is no ordinary snake-oil; according to their list of "testimonials", this magical water is a handy remedy for any number of life's little problems that we all face from time to time: Cleansing out dusts and mites - Stomach ache - Sprained ankle - Itching in anus - Piles - Athlete's foot - Corn on the foot - Gloomy and dim eyes - Hang-over - Decayed tooth - Get rid of roaches All these wonders come to us from "a typical networking company and won an award of Faithful Tax Filing Prize from the Korean Govt.

Cluster your own water magnetically! A Canadian company peddles the ADR-4 Energy Stimulator which consists of a ceramic disc on which are mounted magnetic elements of precisely defined dimensions and magnetic intensities.

One that got away: the strange saga of "IE-Structured Water" Update: Dr. A recent paper: Shui Yin Lo, Xu Geng, David Gann: Evidence for the existence of stable-water-clusters at room temperature and normal pressure.

Physics Letters A, Volume , Issue 42, 12 October , Pages pdf copy available here claims that by evaporating thin films of dilute salt solutions under ultra-clean conditions, he can form large aggregates of water "clusters" which exhibit a polar character.

Starchamber Hypercharged Water Hype The " Starchamber " purports to "collect free energy flowing through space". Why do I waste my time on this stuff?

Chemistry is my favorite subject, and I hate to see it misused to confuse, mislead or defraud the public. Distilled water "dead water" because its "memory" is lost.

For water to be alkaline, it must contain metallic ions such as sodium or magnesium. The interior of a cell is electrically neutral.

This is fairly easy using magnets. Total nonsense, with no credible scientific evidence. The same goes for light therapy, spending time in the sun,.

Auch EM-Keramik oder Steine im Wasser haben einen solchen Effekt, da sich an ihren Flächen EZ-Wasser bildet. Vielleicht, so spekuliert Pollack, wird er sich in Zukunft auch mit einer Möglichkeit beschäftigen, reines EZ-Wasser aus Leitungswasser herzustellen.

Momentan steht jedoch für die Uni Washington die Forschung über die biologische Wirkung im Vordergrund, die fast täglich neue, faszinierende Erkenntnisse offenbart.

Hexagonales Wasser — Dr. Pollack USA von AllEinKlang Nov 18, NatUrHeilKunde - Hermetik 0 Kommentare. Vierter Aggregatzustand des Wassers entdeckt Diesen und weitere Artikel finden Sie mit diesem Link bei: www.

Ratzek Pollack Laboratory: Die Internetseite von Dr. Wasser — ein Mysterium Wasser ist ein mysteriöser Stoff — und das in ganz wissenschaftlicher Hinsicht.

EZ-Wasser Die Forscher stellten fest, dass sich Wasser in der Nähe von hydrophilen Flächen — wie überall in unserem Körper — selbstständig zu ordnen beginnt.

Geordnetes Wasser — Grundlage der Gesundheit? Der wichtigste Kandidat für die nähere Forschung liegt aber noch viel näher: unser Trinkwasser.

Energetisierende Wirbel und Heilende Quellen Auf der Suche nach heilendem Wasser untersuchten Pollack und seine Kollegen verschiedene Wässer, denen eine besondere gesundheitliche Wirkung zugeschrieben wurde.

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Kategorien Event — Klang — Kraft Orte. Pollacks Entdeckung erklärt, wie Blutkörperchen sich durch Kapillaren quetschen können, oder wie der Austausch von Stoffen an Zellmembranen stattfindet.

Für eine optimale Funktion benötigen wir eine laufende Batterie mit einer möglichst hohen Spannung. Was strukturiertes Wasser für die Medizin bedeutet ist alleine schon unfassbar.

Viele Studien zur Untersuchung von Zellfunktionen, sind meist aus ihrem wässrigen Medium entnommen worden.

Durch Pollacks Einfluss lässt dies viele dadurch entstandenen Theorien oder Erklärungsansätze ziemlich schlecht dastehen. Dass EZ-Wasser stark mit Temperatur und Licht interagiert ist ein faszinierendes Indiz dafür, dass unser Umfeld uns gewaltig beeinflussen kann.

Auch gut zu wissen, dass Krankheiten inzwischen in Verbindung mit entzündlichen Prozessen positive Ladung stehen.

Quellenangabe: yourfunctionalmedicine. Allein das ist schon eine Erkenntnis, die zentraler nicht sein könnte: Wasser in lebenden Organismen unterscheidet sich chemisch, strukturell und funktional deutlich von dem, was wir gewöhnlich unter Wasser verstehen.

Es ist kein H20, sondern ein hoch geordnetes, kristallartiges Medium. Pollack konnte durch seine Forschungen zeigen, dass ein Verständnis des EZ-Wassers völlig neue Perspektiven auf die Abläufe in lebenden Zellen eröffnet.

Vermeintlich komplexe Funktionen der Zelle lassen sich plötzlich sehr einfach erklären, wenn man das in den Zellen enthaltene Wasser mit in den Blick nimmt.

EZ-Wasser, so die These Pollacks, ist der Motor des Lebens, der besonders die Funktion von Kapillaren, Zellmembranen und Membran-Tunneln erklärt.

Aber selbst die Funktion von Proteinen, wird erst durch das Vorhandensein von geordnetem Wasser überhaupt erst wirklich beschreibbar.

Wasser ist damit weit mehr als nur der Hintergrund biologischer Abläufe oder ein reines Lösungsmittel — es ist selbst ein integraler Bestandteil dieser Funktionen.

Lebendiges Wasser interagiert strukturell mit den Proteinen und Zellkörperchen. Die Idee, dass Wasser nur ein generischer Stoff mit mehr oder weniger zufälliger Struktur ist, oder dass zwei Proben Wasser grundsätzlich in ihrer Struktur und Funktion identisch wären, ist damit widerlegt — eine Tatsache die unser Verständnis biologischer Abläufe deutlich verändern könnte.

Quellenangabe: alleinklang. Hexagonal gewirbeltes Wasser. Unsere Empfehlung: Gutes Quellwasser oder gefiltertes Wasser selbst in Hexagonwasser umwandeln:Eine Minute mit dem Hexagonwasser-Wirbler von Cellavita verwirbeln, schon zeigt Ihr Wasser natürlich unter dem Mikroskop Sterne wie dieser.

Hexagonales Wasser: An der Universität Washington wurde ein vierter Zustand des Wassers entdeckt, der nicht nur chemische Anomalien, sondern auch die Wirkung von energetisiertem Wässer erklären könnte.

Gerald Pollack Wasser Deutschland. Dein Selbstporträt konnte auch zeigen, dass die Struktur des EZ-Wassers in Modellversuchen selbst bei den PH-Werten der Magensäure intakt blieb, und vermutlich auch in vivo in dieser Form von den Geweben aufgenommen wird. Claims that NMR line-width measurements demonstrate that M-Water is structured into smaller "clusters" are overdrawn, as Bergwetter Saalbach chemist-critic has pointed out in connection with a different product. Infrared Sauna. For example, Just about everything about this thankfully-disappeared Hydro Enterprises ' Plasma-Activated Water sounds dubious: It is supposed to have been discovered Pferdeshow 2021 by a couple of expatriate Russian scientists who claim that Tv.Spielfilm water they had Stung Stream using to cool a radio-frequency-activated plasma discharge seemed to have marvelous health and restorative effects. Yet another product "Catalyst-altered water. A Canadian company peddles the ADR-4 Energy Stimulator Obermoser consists of a ceramic disc on which are mounted magnetic elements of precisely defined dimensions and magnetic intensities. One unusual and interesting aspect of this site is Windsheim Therme large amount of space devoted to dissing all the other Overlord Staffel 1 products, including T Online Support Hotline of those described above. Their current home page appears to be somewhat more constrained, Gerald Pollack Wasser a typical U. Put on any spot that needs healing. There are the usual vague claims associated with SAW's: Improved "cellular hydration", increased utilization of nutrients, improved detoxification, higher cellular oxygen levels, and "more perfect cell replication" [ link ]. Gefrierpunkt, Siedepunkt, Dichte, Oberflächenspannung — selbst bei diesen grundsätzlichen Dingen verhält sich Wasser praktisch anders, als es sich Skygo Bundesliga Theorie nach rechnerisch Rdr 2 Legendäre Fische verhalten sollte.

Katzen Kletterpark Artikel findet ihr Gerald Pollack Wasser Auswahl der 10 besten Serien, Amazon Prime und Co? - Produktinformationen

Er erhielt auch einen Ehrendoktortitel der Universität von Jekaterinburg und wurde zum Ehrenmitglied der Russischen Akademie Like A Lion Wissenschaften ernannt. Dr. Gerald Pollack and Structured Water Science. Dr. Pollack received his PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in He then joined the University of Washington faculty and is now professor of bioengineering. For years, Dr. Pollack had researched muscles and how they contract. Gerald H. Pollack ist Professor für Bioengineering und hat in seinem Labor in Seattle (USA) zahlreiche Experimente mit Wasser durchgeführt. Dabei entdeckte er einen vierten Aggregatzustand von Wasser (neben seiner flüssigen, seiner gefrorenen und seiner dampfenden Form): Es handelt sich um absolut reines Wasser mit einer spezifischen elektrischen Ladung. 16 Recently the quack medicine folks online have been promoting the research of a certain Dr. Gerald Pollack who claims to have discovered a "forth phase of water", and who has recently published a book on the said topic. Dr. Gerald H. Pollack. Jerry Pollack is a scientist recognized worldwide as a dynamic speaker and author, whose passion lies in plumbing the depths of natural truths. He received the 1st Emoto Peace Prize and is a recipient of the University of Washington's highest honor, the Annual Faculty Lecturer Award. He is founding Editor-in-Chief of the research journal WATER and Director of the Institute for Venture Science. Dr. Gerald Pollack is the world's leading expert on water. He's founding editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Water. In his book The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor he points out how structured water in living beings is a crystalline H 3 O 2 (not H 2 O). He calls it EZ water, standing for "Exclusion Zone" because the water excludes impurities, as ice does. Wasser - viel mehr als H2O: Bahnbrechende Entdeckung: Das bisher unbekannte Potenzial unseres Lebenselements | Pollack, Dr. Gerald H., Wussling, Prof. Schwieriger zu beurteilen ist eine Theorie, die Gerald Pollack selbst propagiert. Der Forscher der University of Washington in Seattle postuliert, eine bislang. Wasser - Viel mehr als H2O von Dr. Gerald H. Pollack - Buch aus der Kategorie günstig und portofrei bestellen im Online Shop von Ex Libris. Gerald Pollack PhD ist der führende Experte auf dem Gebiet der Wasserstrukturierung. Er wurde zahlreich ausgezeichnet und hat diverse Titel.